Testimonial: Helen Weerts

To whom it may concern:

I am having a new home and guest house built by Jonathan Isaacson with Isaacson Quality Construction at 518 S. Foudy Rd. Bisbee, Arizona 85603.

Jonathan was great right from the start. He helped us with the plans that we had, and suggested changes that not only enhanced the beauty of our home but saved us money also. Jonathan spent a lot of time with us with getting the placement of the house on the lot just the way we wanted. His knowledge of which subcontractors to use was appreciated. He not only got us good prices, but they did a quality job and finished in a timely manner.

During the course of the project, my husband became very ill and was unable to come down and see the work being done. Jonathan took time to take pictures of what all was going on and brought them to us in Tucson to keep us informed of how the work was progressing.

I would highly recommend Jonathan for any project.

He not only does what he says he’ll do, but gets it done on time and at the price he quoted.

Helen Werts.