Build New Custom Homes in Sierra Vista

If you are new to the area, have come back to Sierra Vista, or have decided to build a new custom home; come talk to us here at Isaacson Homes to  understand what all your possibilities and options are. We would enjoy helping you into your dream custom home. There are many options for builders in Sierra Vista, Huachuca City, Whetstone, Hereford, and Bisbee, AZ, but we would like to be your first option for the construction of your new house. We at Isaacson Homes, feel we are the best choice as a General Contractor for your new dream home.


Thank You notes: N&T Berns

From the beginning you all instilled a great deal of confidence in the undertaking, which was scary for two old people. We thank you so much for that, and for the wonderful job you did. We hope you come back and check on the progress of the entire property, and maybe in 2 years we could sip some of our “Berns’ Farm Wine”.

P.S. Special thanks to Barb. How sweet it is to have expert female input into this progress – You’re awesome!


We love our new home! It’s everythingwe imagined and more.

We were prepared for a long rough road to completion, especially after covid hit here. you all stayed with it and finished beautifully. A HUGE thanks to every one of you. Hope the cookies put a smile on your faces.


Testimonial: Darrel & Tami Nelson


Near the end of 2016, we interviewed several builders and decided on Isaacson Homes in Sierra Vista. We live in Pima Co. in Elgin and were pleasantly surprised when they immediately drove 40 miles to vist our future homesite. After that initial meeting, we knew we had made the correct choice. The planning stage went quickly and our home was started. The contractor was very open to change orders and had many great ideas that we adopted. The sub-contractors were efficient, clean and on-time. The home was finished on schedule and was exactly what we had dreamed of. In this age of poor customer service, shortcuts and poor workmanship, Isaacson Homes does not fall into those catagories. They are not your run-of-the-mill builder. Isaacson Homes is a custom home contractor who is honest, professional and top-notch. We would recommend them to anyone who wants to build their perfect dream home.

Darrel & Tami Nelson


Testimonial: Rich Donahue

When I had a house fire – three years ago this month – I solicited home building ideas from at least a dozen contractors – concerning the options and associated costs for rebuilding my home.

Of all of the contractors – with whom I spoke – only Jonathan Isaacson understood my concerns about rebuilding with a wood frame house – and – suggested innovative and cost saving options to my home building strategy.

Specifically – none of the other contractors was interested in building a non-wood-frame-house and told me that they would spray the exterior walls with stucco – so that it would “look like” masonry.

Honestly speaking – witnessing one’s house go up in flames – then – having to witness the ashes of one’s house hauled down one’s driveway to the landfill does something to oneself.

I must confess that I was in a moment of despair and confusion – when I had the good fortune of meeting with Jonathan Isaacson.

As I met with Jonathan and his team – over the course of several meetings – to discuss various building options and designs – we settled on Rastra – which is a type of Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) – as the basic material with which to rebuild my home.

In addition – we incorporated several innovative designs into my basic home design – to include an attached greenhouse – and – the option for supplementing my electrical requirements with solar power.   Of particular enjoyment to me – was the framing for the installation of Victorian Era (Architectural Salvage) Pocket Doors – each of which was eight feet high – and – constructed of solid walnut and chestnut.

That which was most Impressive to me – was – Jonathan’s professional pleasure and eagerness at doing something a little bit out of the ordinary – which – stood in stark contrast to those cookie-cutter contractors with whom I had spoken.

Jonathan’s crew of Sub-Contractors was outstanding – bar none – each a professional is his own right.   Each and every step of construction was checked – and – double checked by a team of professionals – to assure compliance with all building and safety codes.

All-in-all – I am most fortunate in having chosen Isaacson Construction – and – most grateful for their professionalism and patience – for – having worked with me through this month’s long planning and construction process.

Jonathan – Thank you.


Testimonial: Michael and Gayle Zehr

Dear Jonathan and lsaacson Team,

On behalf of my wife Gayle and myself, we would like to thank you and your company for helping us to rebuild our home that was lost in the Monument Fire on June 19,2011.

As you know we went through quite an ordeal” When Gayle and I first met with you and Ben at The little restaurant, we felt an immediate comfort and trust with you. I had it in my head when we met that we were going to replace our Manufactured Home with a new Manufactured Home. I never dreamed that we could afford to own a custom home. The time that you, Ben, and Philip took to walk us through the process was a huge help. Your dad was so kind to come out on short notice and remove all of our fire debris when the other company we hired bailed on us.

Your company’s professionalism showed right away. The first step was to design our new home. Coming up with a floor plan was hard for us but with your guidance we made it through the process and you made us feel confident in our plans.

I will never forget the day when my wife Gayle got to use the backhoe to break ground on our new home. I will also never forget the feeling of driving in the first nail. lt was the little things like that which helped us in our healing process.

The homes you have built speak for themselves with the quality of materials and craftsmanship that you use. From our concrete floors to our concrete countertops, I can’t tell you how happy we are with the results.

I would highly encourage any customer looking to have a new custom home built to choose lsaacson Homes as their builder, I personally guarantee that they won’t be disappointed.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you, your family and company have done to help us enjoy a new chapter in our life.



Testimonial: Richard and Pat Loomis

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of appreciation and recommendation for Jonathan Isaacson and all the members of his home building workforce.

On this anniversary of moving into our home, we would like to express our most sincere appreciation for the extraordinary manner in which all aspects of the rebuilding of our home were accomplished. We were impressed from the first meeting with how your questions and suggestions seemed designed to help us describe what we really wanted rather than convince us to select something you had to offer. This sense of placing our interests first continued throughout the entire process. Ben Garcia and Caesar did an outstanding job of keeping us involved and on track. There were no unpleasant surprises or even stressful moments.

We wish to especially recognize Philip for a most excellent job integrating critical milestones to ensure the absolutely best financing for us while adjusting for the uncertainties of finding true craftsmen for special features. His guidance on how to accomplish improvements we suddenly wanted without increasing our costs was especially helpful. He has continued this type of support even after closing to make sure any minor faults were instantly corrected.

I firmly believe we had the best possible experience rebuilding our home from total destruction by wildfire because we selected Isaacson Homes. You made the experience an actual joy. We continue to enjoy our home as we show it to friends and family.