Typical Home Building Process

(purchase of property is optional)

1. Establish a floor plan with Builder:

  1. Find a floor plan on our web page, online, in a book, or find an existing home that is similar to what you wish to build.
  2. If the plan you like is an existing home and we have access to visit, we will walk the home and take measurements so we can duplicate the plan.
  3. We then draft a preliminary drawing based on the home visited, or based on the floor plans chosen from the above sources. (typical cost $1,000.00-$2,000.00 depending on square footage) This plan is not complete enough to actually build home, but does include a floor plan and a front elevation, sufficient for quoting purposes. (takes about 2 weeks)
  4. A meeting is set up with Buyer to review the rough draft, and modify draft to meet customer’s desires. This process can also be achieved via e-mail if customer can mark up drawings and return via e-mail. This step usually requires multiple meetings, or multiple communications via e-mail.

2. Discuss Finishes, and Construction Options:

  1. We provide a 3 page questionnaire that addresses most of the choices that will need to be made during the building process. This is usually addressed in a meeting near the end of the house plan design process

3. Finance Pre-Approval:

  1. This is a good stage for Buyer to contact their lender, and start a pre-approval process to see what Buyer is qualified to borrow.

4. Bid House:

  1. We will create a document that includes your choices, as well as any information taken in notes during our meetings and e-mails we call our construction notes. These notes will be used in order to accurately quote project and options we have discussed.
  2. We distribute these notes and house plans to our subcontractors and request a quote from them reflecting the plans and specs. (takes about 2 weeks)
  3. We estimate all portions of project we are going to self perform.
  4. We collect quotes from subcontractors.
  5. We create a document to present to the Buyer, we call the Included Features Bid. This document shows all the features we have included in our bid, as well as upgrade options and the additional cost associated with them.

5. Bid Presentation, Land Procurement, and Contract:

  1.  A meeting is set up in order for Builder to present his bid to Buyer.
  2. If bid is acceptable, Buyer informs builder of exactly what options listed on this bid they would like to include in the building contract.
  3. Buyer typically has the land chosen that he wishes to build his house on. Buyer or Builder then secure the procurement of the land, contingent upon appraisal, loan approval, and soil evaluation tests.
  4. Final contract is prepared by Builder, including the price of the land if Buyer does not intend to procure property separately.
  5. A meeting is set up, and Buyer and Seller sign contract contingent upon full loan approval.
  6. A down payment is required in the amount necessary to have plans finalized by a licensed Architect, and to have soil evaluation done on property if septic is required (typically $5,000.00-$10,000.00 depending on size of home)

6. House Placement and Soil Evaluation:

  1. A meeting is set up, and Builder and Buyer meet at property and place house on lot. Builder stakes corners of home, and determines where septic system will be placed if septic is required. A soil evaluation is ordered.

7. Finalizing of House Plans:

  1. Once contract is signed, the house plan designs we have completed are forwarded to a licensed Architect to finalizes with all details and notes that will be required for approval by City or County for building permit. This process typically takes 3-8 weeks.

8. Loan Approval:

  1. Buyer applies for a construction loan, as well as the permanent loan with their lender of choice.
  2. Builder submits a package to lender, including the finalized plans and specs, as well as plot map, survey, and any other information lender may require.
  3. Approval process, including appraisal, typically takes 3-6 weeks.

9. Building Permit:

  1. Once loan approval is final, and Builder receives first payment, the Builder submits an application for a building permit, along with plans and specs, sight plans of where house and septic are laid out on land, and all other information required by City or County.
  2. Builder receives a building permit approx. 2-4 weeks later, and we are ready to start construction.

10. Home Construction: (typically 6-9 months)

  1. As soon as permit is received, Builder provides Buyer with the Choices Schedule. This schedule illustrates which decisions have to be made by what dates. With each of these dates, there are web links to products we commonly use for each of these decisions. We are also available to meet with customer at the showrooms of our suppliers to assist in selecting the items, (such as light fixtures, etc. for the home.)
  2. Multiple meetings are set during the course of construction to make decisions such as desired placement of light fixtures and switches, (after home is framed), etc. We do however make every effort to assist in making as many choices as possible during construction via e-mail.
  3. Once home is complete, the County or City performs the final inspection, and issues certificate of occupancy. Lender performs a final inspection to release final funds. Builder receives final payment.