Testimonial: Jordan Brendon

Jason Bryant's Custom Home

Custom Home built for Jason Bryant

TO: To Whom it May Concern
FROM: Jordan Brendon
Address: 10110 E Rocking W Ranch Rd. Hereford AZ, 85615
SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation
RE: Jonathan Isaacson, IQC (Isaacson’s Quality Construction)

As you are aware, this letter has been written concerning the recommendation for the above-mentioned individual for future representation in business transactions.

Narrative: On or about June 2007 I met Jonathan for the first time at the above-mentioned residence. He along with his father were building the house as a spec home. During the time the house was frame up and was basically bare. After a short conversation I decided to bring my wife out to look at the house as potential residence. We then decided to speak with his real estate representative and thereafter chose to buy house.

From that point on it was the best experience with home buying and building I have had to date. This is my third home and second home build. I was very pleased with how easy Jonathan made it for us and how quickly he was able to orchestrate the finalization of the home. The choices and options that Jonathan provided were excellent. He was able to design color schemes and fixtures that coordinated flawlessly. The attention to detail and fixture amenities within the home expresses the beauty, talent and skill that Jonathan and his business provides.

RECOMMENDATION: I recommend with enthusiasm that Jonathan be represented by your firm in future transactions.

Respectfully Submitted

Jordan Brendon