Testimonial: Tony & Karen Sanders

To whom it may concern,

After meeting w/ several builders we had the pleasure of meeting w/ Jonathan. What a great experience that was. It was that meeting and looking at the quality and pride that goes into the building of his homes that made us believers.

We started the plans and got the ball rolling. Both Jonathan and Philip were there to help guide us w/ textures, fixtures or any questions we may have had. It took exactly the time allotted to build us our home. We were asked to come and check things out as the build progressed. We were amazed at the attention to detail by Jonathan and his brother, Philip.

since moving into our home 5 months ago, we have been cmpletely satisfied and wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, we still walk in and have the “WOW” factor to this very day. Jonathan has been more than a contractor/ builder, he has been a true friend. We would definitely recommend Isaacson Homes to anyone desiring to build their own custom home.


Tony and Karen Sanders