Testimonial: Rich Donahue

When I had a house fire – three years ago this month – I solicited home building ideas from at least a dozen contractors – concerning the options and associated costs for rebuilding my home.

Of all of the contractors – with whom I spoke – only Jonathan Isaacson understood my concerns about rebuilding with a wood frame house – and – suggested innovative and cost saving options to my home building strategy.

Specifically – none of the other contractors was interested in building a non-wood-frame-house and told me that they would spray the exterior walls with stucco – so that it would “look like” masonry.

Honestly speaking – witnessing one’s house go up in flames – then – having to witness the ashes of one’s house hauled down one’s driveway to the landfill does something to oneself.

I must confess that I was in a moment of despair and confusion – when I had the good fortune of meeting with Jonathan Isaacson.

As I met with Jonathan and his team – over the course of several meetings – to discuss various building options and designs – we settled on Rastra – which is a type of Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) – as the basic material with which to rebuild my home.

In addition – we incorporated several innovative designs into my basic home design – to include an attached greenhouse – and – the option for supplementing my electrical requirements with solar power.   Of particular enjoyment to me – was the framing for the installation of Victorian Era (Architectural Salvage) Pocket Doors – each of which was eight feet high – and – constructed of solid walnut and chestnut.

That which was most Impressive to me – was – Jonathan’s professional pleasure and eagerness at doing something a little bit out of the ordinary – which – stood in stark contrast to those cookie-cutter contractors with whom I had spoken.

Jonathan’s crew of Sub-Contractors was outstanding – bar none – each a professional is his own right.   Each and every step of construction was checked – and – double checked by a team of professionals – to assure compliance with all building and safety codes.

All-in-all – I am most fortunate in having chosen Isaacson Construction – and – most grateful for their professionalism and patience – for – having worked with me through this month’s long planning and construction process.

Jonathan – Thank you.